We’re still cheap!

With all the changes that have been occurring below at Cheap Sexy Escorts, some people have started to put two and two together and also make five! Simply put they have seen our new “Elite Escorts” gallery and right away decided that we are no more offering friendship services at a lower price. We are right here to tell you that this is rubbish as well as we will constantly be the home of economical London escorts.

Can’t we do both

Since we’ve been in business for so long, we have naturally evolved to accommodate a wider client team. There are gentlemen available that like to schedule the more expensive women, for whatever reason, and are we to reject these gents for what they require? When we just focused on economical London escorts we were frequently harassed by girls who wanted us to represent them, however, we did not have these kinds of customers. We didn’t have them because we were being experts in the more affordable girls. So it has taken a while to do the transition. It meant that we couldn’t handle much more expensive women up until we had enough demands from our clients to call for the button.

Changing points is hard work

We weren’t about to develop a new page for any sort of lady till we had sufficient need, it takes a lot of work to do it. On top of this, you need to let people learn about your new services through various other marketing opportunities, so it’s not simply a case of “develop it and also they will come!” Currently, thankfully we have adjusted and also our customers can pick which kind they want: elite escorts or cheap London escorts.

Still affordable

So you see, now it should be really clear to every person that we are still the leading agency for cheap London escorts, as well as will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Even with our brand-new modified rates, we’re still providing the women at £150 an hour. See our new rates as well as pre-booking procedures for more details.